Flora's Reign
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Join Flora’s Augmented Reality quest to restore nature by rewilding your neighbourhood with native species!

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An image of a hand holding a mobile phone over a street view. The screen of the phone shows the camera view of the street with the red and purple plants and green icons that are part of the Flora's Reign User Interface
A collection of digitally drawn, brightly coloured flowering plants juxtaposed over a realistic autumn backyard garden

Grow a virtual pollinator garden (and learn about nature) with Flora

Flora’s Reign is an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game about restoring nature through guerrilla gardening in your neighbourhood.

Gather seeds and plant an AR garden in your favourite place. Play with friends to create a sustainable ecosystem.

Turtle Riot Studios written in bright pink font

Mobilizing a new generation of gamers to shape a more sustainable future

Frontal view of a turtle with a crack in its shell in hot pink

Get to know us!

We make games that spark joy, curiosity, and care for our planet and the people in it.

We envision a world where technological development furthers planetary sustainability

We value joy, reciprocity, accessibility, and the diversity of people and ideas

We develop interactive games and media centered on a circular economy framework that connects to outcomes in learning, action, and community impact.

Emissions Reduction

We apply green software principles, where game code is designed to be both energy and carbon-efficient – while eliminating waste and optimizing resources within our production lifecycle


We empower people to create agency in their own learning and build autonomy in decision making through joyful, participatory, and meaningful experiences

Community Activation

We connect people across generations through social and family friendly initiatives that spark curiosity, conversation, and collaboration to build knowledge as a community

Real World

We design core game mechanics that integrate climate actions and conservation practices to bridge virtual game play and real world impact

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